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The study of the profits able to be made by starting a meth lab, a chain of meth labs, or just simply selling meth. Many drug dealers are methamaticians, and have carefully done the numbers and discovered the amount of profit they could make by calculations
Man1: Hey have you seen joey lately?
Man2: nah bro, hes been inside for the past 3 weeks doing methamatics
Man1: damn, hes a hardcore nigguh
by Ilovecrystalmeth January 18, 2010
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The art of a meth head calculating ideas in which he or she feels will work great but when in reality it just totally screws everything up ultimately requiring a do-over.
Damn it, thanks to Eric's Methamatics, we have to re do the entire job and work three times as hard.
by LJLD January 23, 2011
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