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A sedan or compact car loaded with NO less then 3 (three) tweakers with a combined tooth count between 7 and 13. Usually male members of meth brigades wear a dirty wife beater, large sunglasses, dirty cut off shorts, a shitty pair of walmart sneaker-boots and white socks that ride about knee level. You can spot a methbrigade by the peperoni like sores all over their faces from scratching crank bugs. Female members of meth-brigades are found wearing an oversized t-shirt, spandex shorts and no shoes accompanied by nasty scarecrow looking hair and a face seeping liquified meth from their open sores and oozing legions all over their body. They often take the pipe in exchange for a few hits of the pipe and will suck you off for 5 bucks.
Dude, every fuckin time we come to the gas station theres a meth-brigade smoking out of lightbulbs. i fuckin hate tweakers.
by Brew-Master March 30, 2009
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