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Caused while listening to a particularly hardcore riff in a metal song. May cause cranial combustion, which is then known as a Ubermetalgasm.
Whoa...that riff in Judas Priest's Metal Meltdown gave me on hell of a metalgasm
by LordOfApathy October 15, 2009
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An orgasm derived from listening to music of the metal genre. Usually occurs during screaming/growling parts of a song and will result in goosebumps and a smile.
Girl: Have you ever listened to Otep?
Boy: No, why are they awesome?
Girl: awesome I got a metalgasm the first time I listened to them.
Boy: ...
Girl: It was almost better than a real orgasm.
Boy: Wait...What?
by Dead Dani August 30, 2006
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The state of being highly excited by auditory brutality
Evan: " I wanna frickin rip his balls off!"
Dave: " Dude, I think I just had a metalgasm."
by Dburgz March 30, 2007
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