A Badass BJJ Brown Belt from Turkey..Though the legend has it he's secretely Brazilian, as he responds well to "Mesutinho". If you encounter him, Show respect and approach with caution, as he's extremely dangerous. His Open Guard is one of the deadliest in all of Central Asia and Europe and has ended many of his enemies careers with his insane Footlocks. Women want him, Men want to be him.
"Theres a huge line of girls outside that hotel, Mesut must be in town"
by Bruh Mane February 13, 2018
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A turkish name, from a turkish warrior.
I bet he's a Mesut
by SuperiorSian April 11, 2009
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Mesut Ozil (aka better than Zidane) is simply the greatest midfielder ever to grace the football pitch. Ozil can see things on the pitch other players can't. A brilliant player with vision for the assists. (If you're single then Ozil can find you a girlfriend) He plays for the greatest and most glorious club in London called Arsenal F.C and Arsenal fans love him but most rival fans hate him because they are so fucking deluded and also because deep down they know how good Mesut Ozil actually is and they can't have him at their club so they are just jealous.
Guy1: Mate have you seen Arsenal won 3-0 against Manchester United today?

Guy2: Yeah lad, and Mesut Ozil scored a beautiful goal with two assists, a superb performance from him.

Deluded Rival Fan: He is still a flop, Mata is better!

Guy1, Guy2: And you are a virgin you fucking nonce!

Deluded Rival Fan: *Thinking* Holy shit! how do they know that?
by ConorLAD January 25, 2016
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Mesut is a really loyal guy never disappoints his mates. Always there for you when needed. A true gentleman aswel never breaks his word. Experienced a lot of things early in life that’s why he is the man he is today a wise caring strong man. Only sometimes he is misunderstood because he doesn’t want to express his true emotions.
I need the advice of Mesut
by Ik was in bordeel met alina November 22, 2021
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