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Olympic Champions that won second place at the 2010 winter Olympics Ice Dance Championships. They are also

2009 & 2010 U.S. National Champions,
2009 Grand Prix Final Champions. Both Davis and White go to the University of Michigan and skate with Igor Shpilband With partner Tatiana Gladkova, he won the 1983 World Junior Figure Skating Championships. They were coached by Ludmila Pakhomova. Shpilband retired from competitive skating following her death in 1986.
Following his defection, he began working as a coach at the Detroit Skating Club. He later began coaching in Canton, Michigan.
Shpilband does most of his teams' choreography as well. He used to co-coach with Elizabeth Coates. He began coaching with Marina Zoueva in 2001. Davis and White have been skating together since 1997 which is the longest recorded partner ship in the U.S. There latest programs which they competed are phantom of the opera (Free Dance) and there Indian Bollywood (Original Dance). Charlie White and Meryl Davis for the first time beat Tanith Belbin and Ben Augusto at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Davis and White are Well respected Ice dancers who will always be known for there success.
amazing ice dance team. Meryl Davis and Charlie White ice dance.
by A person who ice dances August 18, 2010
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