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Mersô is commonly used to someone who's marvelous at playing piano, incredibly sexy and/or have a very hairy chest. Someone who's able to impregnate anyone is also called a Mersô. A girl that look like Keith Emerson shall be called "Mersô Girl" and you shall make a song about her. Another common use of Mersô is when you reffer to someone with the ego at the size of the Wembley Stadium.
"Hey guys, check out this! I took a picture at the Love Beach!"
"Haha...your Mersô!"

"Guys, I looked to a girl and she got pregnant."
"Hohoho, you're such a Mersô."

"Guys, I played Bach concerts in piano without arms jumping from a plane with flying sharks!"
"Whoa! That's so Mersô."
by Jon Anderson From Yes January 20, 2014
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