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CT Route 15 - is a busy scenic route named after U.S. Congressman Schuyler Merritt, who was instrumental in enacting legislation allowing the parkway to be built. A.K.A. The Merritt, The MP, The Parkway. It is in Fairfield County, Connecticut and is one of the oldest parkways in the United States. It starts in Greenwich, CT at the CT/NY state line and technically ends on Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Bridge (Sikorsky Bridge) at the Startford/Milford line but people in New Haven county still call it the Merritt even though it's called the Wilbur Cross Parkway in New Haven County. The MP has continues its exits numbers from New York. The MP also has no lights and it is a narrow two lanes that becomes more narrow and curvier further south in the county. The parkway does not allow commercial vehicles unless they are CT DOT construction trucks doing construction or gasoline truck refueling the Mobil rest stops. The MP It runs parallel to I-95, you can connect to it by US Rt 7 in Norwalk or by CT Route 8 and 25 in Trumbull. The highway has custom made bridges for each overpass (besides RT 8/25). The old Trumbull railroad line Bridge is still over the highway (between exits 49 & 51N going north/ 49N-48 going south). The parkway also has many tree related deaths because of crashes into trees or tree branches falling cars.
Also many animals like raccoons, deer, skunks, opossums die of being hit. The MP is suppose to be a pretty view but the parkway has a lot of weeds and ivy and money issues with the state prevents grass cutting.

Lets take the Merritt Parkway 95 has traffic.

To me Route 8 in Trumbull/ Shelton looks better it is greener the trees are further away from the road same with Rt 15 in New Haven County. Merritt has many weeds and tree deaths these roadways are just as nice but has less
by InCTB August 01, 2011
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