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n: 1. An incomparable example of a woman imbued with mental brilliance melded with emotional depth. Merrilee can also have a devastatingly sexual impact, gifted as she is with an understated beauty that tends to sneak up her intended victim and then walloping him or her with a giant club of "I Want You". Recipients are usually left helpless to resist. 2. A witty, keenly perceptive person. 3. A woman possessed of second sight abilities frequently used to assist her associates. 4. A woman able to do 10 things at once, Merrilee is truly a whirwind of "get out of the way or get mowed over" efficiency. No one can run a home like a Merrilee. 5. A supremely desirable woman either as housemate or sex kitten. adj: 1. sexually desirable or horny 2. psychic 3. capable
adj 1. I'm so Merrilee right now. 2. I was totally Merrilee'd and foresaw the whole thing. 3. If you want it done, you have to get Merrilee about it!
by Fetchling February 03, 2010
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