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A japanese anime based on singing mermaid princesses who can turn into humans with magic pearls that turn into microphones livng in a city by the beach. It starts with Luchia, the pink pearl princess. She then finds Hanon, the aquamarine pearl princess, and so on. Their enemies are the dark lovers. They work for a man named Gaito, who looks strangely similar to Kaito, Luchia's crush. Some can control elements, and others can cause strange weather. After a while, the show introduces the Black Beauty Sisters, Sheshe and Mimi, who can sing also. Luchia, Hanon, and their new companion, Lina, get new songs through out the series by Aqua Regina, the Goddess of the Sea. In the end, Gaito's castle falls to an abyss at the bottom of the sea, followed by Gaito and the Dark Lovers. Sadly, there is no english version of this.
The new Mermaid Melody episode is coming on soon. I can't wait!
by Red|Pearl|Princess April 12, 2011
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