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11,052 Mercury Marauders ever made, they came in 4 colors. Black, Dark Toreador Red, Silver Birch, and Dark Blue Pearl Metallic. Production numbers for the Mercury Marauder:
2003 - 7839 (328 Blue, 417 Silver, rest black .. 7094)
2004 - 3213 (980 DTR, 997 Silver, 1236 Black)
Total production, 03 and 04 was 11,052 Black exterior. (As of June 2004):
1059 with charcoal interior, 842 have CD changers, 873 have heated seats.
147 with flint interior, 105 have CD changers, 100 have heated seats.
Dark Toreador Red exterior. (As of June 2004):
565 with charcoal interior, 457 have CD changers, 505 have heated seats.
398 with flint interior, 293 have CD changers, 270 have heated seats.
Silver Birch exterior. (As of June 2004):
525 with charcoal interior, 422 have CD changers, 439 have heated seats.
448 with flint interior, 332 have CD changers, 304 have heated seats.

302hp, 318tq, true top speed of 140mph
Mercury Marauder equal fast car, nuff said
by Offroadkarter November 12, 2007
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A "high-performance" version of the Grand Marquis sold for the 2003 and 2004 model years. The Marauder produced 302 horsepower, 78 more than the Grand Marquis's 224. The Marauder also sat only five passengers and had bucket-style front seats (the Grand Marquis seats six and has a bench seat in the front). Other than that, the Mercury Marauder and Grand Marquis have very few differences between them. A convertible Mercury Marauder concept was produced, but never marketed.
It's no wonder that the Mercury Marauder was never a big success. They should have gone ahead with the convertible concept.
by Arceli September 27, 2008
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