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The background of this person is one of hardship, struggle, and stupidity. He has no real theme in life except to spread love through massive post spam.

1. An asshat. A user on IGN's message board and slave of the Vestibule. Futile attempts to spread love and "non-hate" make him one of the more obscure users there.

2. He could also be called a formiddable opponent in Unreal Tournament 2004. His name spawns from the alias which he uses in this game (Merc). This is the only redeeming thing about his online persona.

3. He claims to have his own "leet" dialect. Or so he claims.

4. He owns some nuts, and will freely distribute if asked correctly.
Your so MercUhDeez.

Nice! So MercUhDeez!

0/\/\9 73|-| |\/|3r(|_||)33z

MercUhDeez Nutz.
by LPownzu January 11, 2005
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