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When an individual, in one way or several in combination, are so fucking cool and/or suave; like a cat or feline, that the individual is deemed Meowsome.

Certain trait's characterize one as such "Meowsome";

*) The consistency of meow's one produces throughout a given day.
*) when one holds beliefs similar to "not a single fuck was given that day", or other ideologies cat's may hold.
*) The audible strength or duration of one's purr.
Person: "I was smoking a fat blunt with that g Mira Cohen, and she's fucking Meowsome"

A Woman: "wait, what?"

Person: "Yea, like mid sentence, she's throwing down meows like Mike Tyson, meowing outta nowhere, I swear she's a cat, but she's Meowsome"
by FittyTyson May 02, 2011
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A descriptor explaining the awesome nature of something in relation to cats, usually seen in YouTube videos.
Becky thought piano cat's video was meowsome.
by BarrythePolarBear April 20, 2018
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A name you would call cats that are a little on the crazy side. You can also use this if you think other people's cats are just awesome.
"I believe your cats are meowsome, because they have beautiful fur"
by Popal2739 April 06, 2015
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