1. The language that women who have one to many cats use to communicate with domesticated feline pets.

2. An ancient language spoke by large hunter cats, such as tigers, pumas and lions, that has slowly become understandable to domesticated feline animals.

3. The definition of a sound a female makes when she has found a potential threat in order to protect territory or show dominance over possible rivals upon detecting a scent, viewing nail polish or another feline in direct contact with her target.
1. Women who meow back to their feline pets. Last night I came home and saw my mother meowing to stray kittens she found. As the new adoptive mother she learned Meow-nese to comfort them and calm them so they could be bottle fed.

2. The complex language that large cats developed long ago. Large hunter felines have been called the king of the jungle for centuries, the saber-tooth tiger was the largest feline, and the Egyptians thought of them as divine creatures. The lion is still referred to as "The King of the Jungle". This is because of the highly complex language cats speak verbally and non verbally.

3. Commonly known as "the girl fight" or "cat fight". Meow-nese is the strength that girls, ladies, and women tap into to instantly grow their nails for attacking. Developing a heightened level of sensory awareness to protect or in some instances acquire more territory, property, food, drink and prey.
by seij007 April 26, 2011
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