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1.) a female version of a sausage fest.

2.) a very horny chick in a club that is on the prowl. desperately doing everything in her power to get fucked by the end of the night.

3.) a group of catty bitchty females

4.) catty females you either: can't wait to see/ are about to/ and or should just start cat fighting.

4.) when chicks gossip
1.)Man, last night's party was such a meow pow. You should've rolled up!

2.)dude#1: hey why you walking funny?
dude#2: man, i was meow powed so hard last night, my balls are sore.

3.) dude#1: hey everyone, there's a meow pow outside!

4.) dude#1: hey where'd our gf's go?
dude#2: who cares, they're probably meow powing somewhere.
by spunky*monkey August 08, 2010
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