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A place that some people might see as an amazing gettaway especially if you like the high mountains and various colors of leaves in the fall, but in actuality the Mentone inn is a shit hole motel that claims to be the best in mentone, but comes real short of that. There isn't t.v.'s in the rooms, the beds feel like you are sleeping on damp concrete, the floors creak, the toilets leak, the food you get for breakfast is prepared by a pedophilic cook that touches not only the biscuits but herself also and has alzheimers and a bad case of golden girl hair. The owner of the inn is is the sorriest excuse of a human being on the face of the earth. she is the type of person that takes pictures of herself with a picture of someone else in her hand cause the person can't stand to be with her. She burps and says that its the ghost of the inn. She is a chain smoker lesbian in denial that wants more of the inn's cook than just her breakfast food. All in all The Mentone inn is the shittiest place ever to be seen at and everybody would feel more at home under a bridge.
<owner> burp, burp oh cook there's a ghost in the Mentone Inn!
<customer> that was you burping...?
<cook> hey guys................. like my hair?
by Fontana Stinson April 24, 2011
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