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Character from the Adult swim show "Harver Birdman: Attorney at Law". Was a former enemy of Birdman, but is now a judge who often hears Birdman's cases.

He has various psychic powers including: teleportation, telepathy, hypnotism, precognition, and telekinesis — all referred to as "mind taking"— but he rarely uses them for anything beyond sophomoric mischief. He has been given the personality of a cocky and flamboyant stage magician; because of this, he often predicts the result of the cases he presides over before they have even started.

He often makes an entrance, such as appearing in a cloud of smoke or from a bolt of lightning. Mentok's gavel is a brain on a handle, which squishes when struck. He also seems to enjoy patronizing people such as Inch High Private Eye and especially the courtroom's bailiff, while the bailiff usually just ignores him and stares forward with a blank expression.

During his time on Earth, Mentok has worked as a mufti, a genie, a sex trade worker, a Cossack, and an E.S.T. instructor. His main catch phrase is "Booweeoop" to give the impression of eerie sci-fi music sound and is said whilst moving his hands around in a circular motion often when 'Mind Taking'.
1."You cannot stop Mentok the Mind Taker! Not while there's minds to be Men-taken!"-Mentok of Harvey Birdman: attorney at Law
by Kyle Dent June 17, 2008
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