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A gamer's reference to your brain/psyche. It also could be used as the objectified form of your state of mind.

Frying one's mentalpod is not recommended. It is a self-inflicted form of a mental burn-out. Although it is self inflicted. It can be induced by the following catalysts-

Nerd raging, Trolling, and/or getting owned. Getting rolfstomped, Ganked, Pwned, lawled @, Having items stolen, destroyed, or misplaced. Getting out rolled on for items, having their fav. weapon stolen and/or misused. Purposley destroying vehicles that this person may have wished to use. Accidently walking into enemy/friendly fire/grenades/oncoming traffic. Losing duels to lesser geared individuals.
crack is bad for your mentalpod.
by Hexeroth August 23, 2010
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