Popularized by League of Legends players, Mental Boom refers to the state in which your mind is taxed or exhausted to the point where your decision making becomes compromised, often directly caused by tilt or tilting circumstances. Players who are Mental Boomed often have very low desire to win, and have an often severely negatively affected performance. Some form of mental reset is needed to players experiencing Mental Boom.
G2 Mental Boomed vs FPX in the 2019 World Finals. (verb)
your Mental is completely Boomed, go take a break before you demote to back to platinum
by Brandon S Lockey April 11, 2020
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A common occurrence in League of Legends players that happens as a result of too much caffeine mixed with a subconscious sense of self-loathing due to tying one's self-worth to a rank in a game that pisses you off. All while living a sexless/incomeless existence in your mother's basement where your greatest source of gratification in life is confusingly making random teammates online that you have never met and will never see again suffer, even if it is at the cost of your time as well as the time of other innocent bystanders (IE your teammates).
Rav had a mental boom last night, making it impossible to find good plays and edit his youtube montage consisting of Iron 5 footage.
by The Draygo December 31, 2022
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Mental boom is when a series of unfortunate events happen and another unlucky scenario presents itself causing you to lose your shit. This may happen by talking to that ONE fucker or any other triggering thing. This causes you to lose your shit for the rest of your day and tilts the fuck out of you and you feel like committing sudoku.

Variations of this include:
mental go boom
mental go sky
holy fuck I'm just mental boom
by NO MORE COKE February 14, 2018
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