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Men's Volleyball is a faster paced and harder hitting game in comparison to Women's Volleyball. The main aspect of the Men's game is to spike the ball as hard as possible on to the opposing teams court space. Men's Volleyball is a truly under-appreciated sport that has been left out due to things such as Title 9 or high school jocks that think tackling people is how to become a man. Most men's athlete weightlift, practice, and focus harder then regular athlete because the need to prove themselves to other athletes. In sad cases where the men's volleyball team usually sucks... be proud of the team that walked all over them, like the Eden, NY team every year for the past 20 years wins... Volleyball is not just a womens sport, watch the olympics and watch the Men's team destroy other teams by a) packing them in the chest, b) hitting them in the face, a.k.a. facial, c) bouncing the ball off a blockers head, a.k.a. dome d) Housing- act of blocking an opposing hitter straight down... Btw usually men's volleyball players are in good with the women's volleyball players, the ones who wear the spandex... yea, sucks to not play volleyball... VBALL is life...
Person 1: I can't, I have Volleyball...
Person 2: Really! You play Men's Volleyball??? AWESOME
(the ever used phrase every volleyball player knows so well)
by Eden Libero #7 September 22, 2010
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