Sure! A meme stock is any security that has a positive sentiment while being naked shorted by hedge funds. The positive sentiment is bad for the hedge funds, which drives corrupt media to use the word 'meme' to turn away potential investors, which is bordering on market manipulation and poor financial advice.
“Don’t invest in these meme stocks. The companies naked shorting them cut my check “ said by the mainstream media
by Dreaded 18 June 28, 2021
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Any publicly traded company stock that keeps going up and disregards the fundamentals such as revenue and profits when valuing the underlying company. A meme commonly referenced by the stock market community is that “stonks always go up”. Hence, any stock that goes up in value beyond most people’s imagination is labeled as a meme stock. Commonly happens with stocks of very popular companies that show promising signs of growth for years to come. Due to hype around the company and its future outlook, the price of their stock keeps going up beyond a point that makes logical sense which may or may not result in a steep drop later on once/if the hype dies down.
TSLA and ZM are such meme stocks. They went up in value so quickly even though their revenue and profits don’t add up to their current valuation
by 2urban2dict January 5, 2021
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