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Meme Sex is when you're in the middle of intercourse and you start thinking of memes, this causes you to say the memes out loud.

During the extremely inappropriate setting to bring up memes, you will both start laughing.
This usually starts a chain of memes to be quoted and talked about during the activity.

Sometimes this can lead to a loss of erection due to your mind thinking about something different.

If your partner is also into memes they will understand your meme obsession and forgive you for lack of performance.

or meme about Viagra ads "one in ten men...."
Amy: "Give it to me harder baby!"
Jordan: (Thinking of memes) "Here come Dat boi!!"
Amy: (Laughing) "Wew Lad"
Jordan: "Gibe me de pussy b0ss"
Jordan: "I think we have just created meme sex"
by Funnyjormoyable November 20, 2016
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