The one who has the best and most Dank Memes, is the Meme King.
Nobody can oberpower their dank memes.
by I have HIV September 4, 2016
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you know that meme king from Stranger Things? (FINN GATEN CALEB SADIE NOAH MILLIE THE WHOLE CAST)
by strangerthings2 May 17, 2018
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the one who owns the dankest memes. the memier the danker, therefor the king choses the new trendy memes
Now that is one dank meme, all hail the meme king
by aboamin February 22, 2016
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Basically, every BTS members as memes.

There are 7 of them and they have so many memes. The can be classified as "The seven idiots who ruined my life " or "The meme kings."
Me:" have you heard of the meme kings."
Friend :" Yea. They are so deep. "
by I Am A BTS Army May 13, 2018
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The beta male in a pack. He is the ultimate meme king. (Sarry Pete Wentz). He is also vv thicc™
Person 1~ Man I wish I could be a thicc meme king.
Person 2~ Sorry, there can only be ONE!
by Daddy Zak November 19, 2017
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