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Meljoy, a very unique name for a very unique girl. She is usually short and covered in acne but that won’t stop her from going
Outside and blasting Kpop

She is an artist that Draws, writes poems and plays instruments.
She is very smol and underweight

❀️= Asians and people with the name Oliwia and also mochi and piggyback rides and playing with hair
πŸ’”= People that hurt her friends, art stealers, when people say Kpop is gay or call it Ching chong music.
She often doubts her abilities and compares herself to other people and tries too hard to impress people.
G1: Did you see that girl blasting Ching Chong music?
G2: Oh yeah I think her names Meljoy, I think she’s in our class..
G1: oh.
by mopluto July 17, 2018
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