1 definition by mopluto

It’s unique. A bit gender neutral. Describes a person who’s very very beautiful. If you meet her trust me you won’t forget her. She’ll haunt you. Maybe with witchcraft but who knows why you’re still thinking of her. She’s a natural at art. She captivates you, becomes your dream girl and then forgets you. It’s sad knowing a Meljoy. Known for how easily she charms foolish boys. Wether for gifts or “love”. She’ll steal bits of your personality and keep them for the next victim. Constantly leveling up. A Meljoy remains unlabeled, never straight. If you know a Meljoy you must keep her close so as she stays, it’s hard to do that. She probably goes by the name Mel now. Good luck entertaining her. She’s a monster.
Person 1: Oh my god they’re stunning...
Person 2: Be careful... It’s a Meljoy!
by mopluto July 20, 2021
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