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Melfinna is a girl who always gossips about other people. She cannot keep her pie hole shut and always speaks crap about people whom she is jealous of. Because of this many people hate her through out her school, workplace etc. Often times she lies and tells the teacher on anyone who speaks about her. Hypocrite much? She is also a try hard and thinks she is 'it' when in reality nobody likes her. She is very two-faced, actually make that ten faced. She is continuously trying to copy everybody and wouldn't know what original was if it hit her in the face with a brick. Finally, Melfinnas are very rude and always tries to get the boys attention. xxx
Girl: Omg! Melfinna is copying me again!

Me: Don't worry about it... She always copies me... She's jealous

Girl: Lol! K
by Wankywanker April 13, 2014
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