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A bad-ass game character from Grandia II, and my personally favorite character from the game. The brother of Ryudo, the main character, he used to be a good guy, until he contracted the Horn of Valmar and turned evil. He killed Reena, the woman he was engaged to, and fled the village. He would later be defeated by Ryudo in the game, though it took him two tries. Melfice whooped Ryudo's ass in their first encounter.

Melfice is described in the game as a demon-man, bringing ruination and chaos everywhere he goes. Mareg's village in particular was destroyed by Melfice, and Mareg holds a deep grudge against him. Melfice's sword skills are matched by no one, not even by Ryudo.
When facing Melfice, he's extremely fast, has high evasion, and has extremely powerful attacks. His most powerful attacks are Demon Horde Slash and Wailing Soul Slash. And if you destroy his sword, he'll have another Special attack to use (I forgot the name of it, but it's as strong as Demon Horde Slash).
by Rad-J August 13, 2006
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