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This girl is the smartest you will ever meet. She will never do anything bad to you. Melanee always has a boyfriend that she dates for a year or more.
A Melanee has the smarts that could rule over the world.
by ChristianQueen May 12, 2018
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She's a true Adam and Eve. Once you betray her, you will never go back into the Garden of Eden. And plus she will talk about you. Sorry girl, it's over now and adding her will only confront her into blocking you. Usually a very kind girl. People say she's short when she's only 5'1 and other people are even shorter than that. Maybe its because she's too pretty to be small. Her main chicks are Tatiana, Ashley, and Chelsea. This girl is not a habitual truant to piss anyone off. Loving people comes naturally to them. Truth is once you bite her(offend her), your done forever.
Melanee is just a person that shouldn't be betrayed in any way.
by ChristianQueen June 09, 2018
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