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A label associated with middle-class, white males who have depleated too many brain cells in their teenagehood due to a vengeful abuse of drugs and alcohol. Melancauliflowers often gorge in sweets such as brownies and ice cream without gaining weight, as they do physical labor to support their international families. Melancauliflowers are clinically considered to have manic depression and cannot be cured with tranquilizers or anti-depressants. The word comes from the prefix, "melancholy", describing the clinical condition of absolute, chronic misery, and the suffix, "cauliflower" to describe the capabilities of their brains-- comparable to a vegetable. Melancauliflowers often lack the capability of reasoning or consideration for each others feelings, but are renown for their art in melancholy metaphors to describe their feelings.
Doctor: "This patient is a diagnosed Melancauliflower. May god have mercy on your poor, poor soul."

Civilian: "Hey, that guy looks miserable... But he has a hot vietnamese wife!"
Civilian 2: "He must be a melancauliflower."
by TheRedcoat March 29, 2009
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