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A malicious giant bee, thought by some to be a creature of myth, but only because they have repressed the memory of his terrifying appearance. While the intent of his terrorism is unclear, scientists have analyzed his actions and determined that he has an IQ of approximately 130 and the structural strength of diamond. His size seems to vary from sighting to sighting, so it is possible he is able to appear in different forms, ranging from the size of a large marble, on up to that of a Soviet Horner helicopter. You can tell when he is nearby, because the sun gets blotted out, you feel a low frequency vibration deep in your bones, and then a long stinger pierces all the way through your chest.
Just when I thought he had moved on to conquer another planet, Megabee snuck up from behind and slapped a "sting me" sign on my back.
by megabeeologist July 26, 2010
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