A meme and gif originating from the Hentai doujin entitled "Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History." The animated gif is of the main female character in this doujin. In the gif, she is moving her breasts.
"Every time when I drink milk, I will think of the gif, Mega Milk."
by Wiige&Wade Scumlords February 23, 2015
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A meme from an ecchi manga with a Japanese teenager with big boobs .
Her shirt says Mega Milk which is funny because breasts product milk and she has big ones,
Friend 1 : Did you see that weeb cosplayed ? She has big boobs
Friend 2 : Yeah , she should be cosplaying as Mega Milk !
by angieeisgreat June 7, 2017
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The advanced and more difficult version of the MILF Milking March challenge.

Unlike, casual MMM, MMMM, has rules similar to DDD (Destroy Dick December), where the main objective is to still milk a MILF's titties to fill up a glass, but this time, 1 glass increasing per day, and with the correct corresponding number to the date.

So, if it's March 13th, any amount of Milves better be ready to be milked and fill up 13 cups in total.
Don: What the absolute hell?!

Chad: WEAKLINGS! I have an army of Milves to prepare myself for MEGA MILF MILKING MARCH!

Kevin: HOLY SHIT! He's not just doing normal MMM, he's attempting MMMM!
by Holy Weeb February 28, 2022