A cute nickname for a cute girl. Usually given to her because she’s unsure of what she wants and has the guy pick a cute name for her and expecting it to be anything other than Meetch.
Her: oh you pick a nickname for me and yourself
Me: no
Her: yes
Me: okay Meetch you can call me jonn
Her: bye
by _its_jon_ July 20, 2019
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To procrastinate in a manner often employing more effort and creativity than is required by the task being avoided.
"I only have to finish the reference section on my resumé and it will be ready to go, but I've been meetching all day. I baked a cake in the shape of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' party van!"
by greysky January 14, 2014
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Old Yiddish slang for Pleasure Woman. Typically, someone socially inept... freely trades sex to be accepted or invited.

Slut. A woman with low standards of cleanliness.

Derivative of the word Meech.
1. Be sure to invite her... She's a real meetch.

2. We can use her for entertainment, just keep that meetch in the back room.

3. You may need a bag for that meetch.
by 3821Oxford October 21, 2017
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