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Nickname for Michael-The most amazing guy that will ever enter your life. The man of your dreams. He will always be there for you when you really need him. It may not always seem like he cares or is paying attention, but know that he always is. He is completely amazing and will do anything for the ones with a permanent place in his warm heart. He can be a total goofball and knows exactly how to put a smile on your face no matter how down you are. He is very handsome although he doesn't know it, with striking blue eyes with hints of green and the occasional gray, and is rather tall also. He is very athletic playing baseball, lacrosse, football, and basketball. He is overall, an amazing, intelligent man whose heart is in the right place but can sometimes lose sight of what truly matters but he will love you dearly and unconditionally for as long as he lives.
"I love my goofball Meeshkal <3"
by 11.2.09. February 27, 2010
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