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A character from a Japanese cartoon. An extremely cute character of the species of meep. A meep is a blob which has a very adorable face and bounces around. They survive by absorbing energy from nearby objects. A critical energy absorption place is on top of the head. If a meep stays on your head for too long, you will fall unconscious. Meeps are also attracted to cake. They will teleport into the cake without you noticing and the cake will suddenly explode as the meep pops out. Mee ba-beep has his own cartoon show, where he is trying to navigate through a world that is filled with ads to complete quests to earn enough points so he can buy a Bo-bot!
"Have you seen the latest episode of Meep Ba-Beep?"
"Man, I sure hope Meep Ba-Beep earns enough points soon!"
"I'm going to the cafe featured in Meep Ba-Beep"
by royalrome November 19, 2013
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