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The funniest, silliest rabbit u'll eva meet! she is the ultimate jan.
If u are a mee ha u rock the boat ur the best!
mat*liks lips n kelly :i was wiv fred *crumples can last night n doorbell is goin out wiv a right mee ha!
by muzrie :P April 28, 2005
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Meeha's is a beautiful girl. She is smart, and also kind hearted. She is very outgoing, and open minded. Meeha's is a very rare girl. She will be there , when you think no one is on your side. She has very amazing abilities, but she doesnt know it. Meeha's sometimes act out , so when she do , you will have to slap the shit out of them. Meeha's believe that they have no possibility of falling in love, or being fall for. She doesn't know the're many secret admirer.
Friend: Meeha are busy?
Meeha: No, what is wrong?
Friend: Well.......
by Personwashere June 11, 2018
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