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It is mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism. The infiltration of tabloid journalism into traditional media sources, including the proliferation of sensationalism, triviality and disregard for privacy.
"Facts, Fallacies, and Fears of Tabloidization"
USA Today Magazine; Nov99, Vol. 128 Issue 2654, p67, 2p

"Tabloid Truth: The Michael Jackson Scandal"

Tabloids rely for their content on gossip, barely credible sources, an appeal to emotion, and the use of checkbook journalism. Where the problem occurs is that mainstream media is rapidly turning into medialoid.
by Portdaisy December 20, 2009
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The phenomena that is suggested to have begun in the 80s, intended to boost ratings, which has resulted in there no longer being a clear distinction between ethical journalism and tabloid sensationalism.
The Medialoid attack of Michael Jackson rendered a guilty conviction in the Court of Public Opinion from which he has never been fully vindicated; in spite of legal acquittal.

The Medialoid agenda of news outlets is to have an "ethical" journalist, as well as a "tabloid" reporter covering a high profile case. The latter prints salacious rumors and innuendo which the former picks up and reports as fact. As attorney Mark Geragos has said, "That is not story's a gang-bang."
by SeptSpirit October 28, 2009
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