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A disorder in which a person has distorted views about real-world situations, caused by listening to and referring to the mainstream media for all information.
Dave: So what do you think of Obama's plan on withdrawing troops in Afghanistan? I'm thinking it's too early, but at the same time, it is costing us way too much money, and it will have a significant finacial impact on future generations.

Cody: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

Dave: I'm talking about our president.

Cody: Oh yeah. I hate him. He's just a socialist pig that hates america.

Dave: Do you even know what socialism is?

Cody: …

Dave: …

Cody: Don't you think Kim Kardashian went a little overboard to create a dream wedding. I mean, yeah she's rich and all, but come on!

Dave: Cody, I kept my mouth shut for too long, but I'm finally just going to say it: I'm worried about you. I think you have Media Mind Syndrome.
by rogerthewhale August 23, 2011
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