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Some Florida yenta who takes her kids to soccer practice, votes conservative, supports the troops, always pays her taxes and sends her kids to some faggot ass catholic school. Everything from guns to cars to meat to drugs are considered the anti christ. They pray all day but just gossip about how much better they are than everyone else, eat kashi with evelyn and dotty ,go power walking with glow in the dark ski poles and believe everything priests, politicians, and journalists tell them. This commonly leads to bull shit women's lib protests about how people are offended by everything these days.
If you have a kid who has to wear a helmet on his bike, be in before sundown, not watch cartoons, have no girlfriends, dress identicaly at school, and be deprived of the world outside the flag waving jesus freak bubble you've created you're a no good scumbag Media Baby.
by The Docfather January 16, 2006
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