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Momentary Eye Contact Love Affair. Describes that prodigious moment when your eyes lock with the eyes of another for a few brief seconds, and during that time a romantic/sexual exchange occurs. Usually characterized by the absence of any other exchange (physical, verbal, etc), and occurs most often with a total stranger. Mecla is well known to be the safest form of sexual interaction, there having been no known examples of STD transmission, heartbreak, child support or alimony ever occurring as a direct result of this activity.

The term’s genesis occurred during the late 1980’s, among the graffiti youth of Vancouver’s west side, known as the Kerrisdale Cruisers. Having spread through the sub-culture in Canada over the 90’s, it is now a widely used term in northern inner cities.
I just had awesome mecla with that sweet Betty that cruised by!
by Desmond Rodenbour May 08, 2006
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