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She is a very beautiful girl. She is real chill around her friends but when she is with her best friends she is very hyper! She is down to earth and humble. She doesn’t take anything from anyone and can defend herself like a beast! She is also really sweet and kind hearted. If you meet a Meckenzie, you’re a lucky one.
Meckenzie?! She is so sweet and pretty.
by watergirl3 December 27, 2017
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a little bitch who thinks shes better than everyone
ugh look its meckenzie again...
by fuckinjerry November 14, 2017
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A mother fucking bitch. That freaking slut is not the person you want to hang out with! She probably hangs out with someone named Braden or Keith *rolls eyes* BUT DONT UNDERESTIMATE HER INNOCENT FACE!!! AND I WARN YOU WHENEVER YOU SEE A MECKENZIE, YOU BETTER TEACH HER A LESSON *killll her*
meckenzie- omg hey! :)
person 1- *calls cops*
cop1- hello this is 911 what is your emergency?
person 1- meckenzie is here
cop1- be there in 5min
hannah- that cop sounds like he has a great personality
by hannah10e May 27, 2018
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