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Mechanical Engineering paradise a.k.a. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava ranked first in the Worldwide List of the Coolest Universities and has been maintaining its position since 1940. This impeccable academic masterpiece can boast funny and atractive dudes, who like to party all the time. 98% of these gifted students get amazing jobs after graduation and make shitloads of money. The faculty offers courses in English as well, so whether you are a foreigner or a native who likes to use English, do not hesitate and join this earthly paradise.
A: "Look at that hot chick. Where do you think she studies?"
B: "She looks like one of those Mechanical Engineering paradise girls, man."
A: "Wow, I should have had better grades in high school, man...That place must be awesome."
by strojar January 12, 2014
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