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A man whose genitalia has underdeveloped forcing him to rigorously study the art of Muff Diving. He has perfected this act so well that any muff he touches will achieve extreme satisfaction beyond belief. To become a supreme meatless muff diver the person must commit to the dive and know that no muff can go undoven.

The meatless muff divers may sometimes perform actual intercourse but it is highly unlikely because most divers genitalia is so small that once the female's eyes gaze upon the meat they instantly become turned off due to its disturbingly small girth.
Charlie was born with a disturbingly small cock and was forced to become and Meatless Muff Diver.

Chris has studied for 5 years to become a Meatless Muff Diver, but has not even begun to scratch the surface of such a feat.
by Grinder100 October 12, 2009
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