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1. A meatbelt is when the seatbelt of a car has been previously worn by an immensly large sweating person thus making the belt greasy and resembling a large slab of meat or Meatbelt.

2. When a chain of sausages has a defect in the linkage parts so making it appear that the sausage chain is in effect a belt that is made of meat. Meatbelt
dude check out the meatbelt in that car!!!
by ollie Jones & Jimpow April 22, 2008
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Noun; eng. Mēæt-bëlt When your female (usually thicc) companion wraps her leg around your waist while she sleeps, to prevent you from cheating on her in her dreams.
I couldn’t sleep because my Meat-belt was on too tight to keep me secured from pulling the Thots in my girls dreams.
by 💦🍆 August 16, 2018
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