When two parties knowingly meet each other for the first time (most likely over the internet), knowing that the key reason is to have intercourse.
Friend: "So what ever happened with that girl that friended you on Facebook?"

Response: "In simplest terms, Meat and Greet. Meat with an A"
by TankDongNouce February 6, 2011
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This is when a girl especially underage girls have sex with boys especially older boys to get them arrested for rape or underage sex with a minor. Some will even blackmail them for money all the time or they will scream rape. A lot of sick dirty shit girls do to get what they want or a girl they hate boyfriend because they not strong enough to beat her ass with him around and will even look like his girlfriend with make up to trick him. So many evil as shit I can’t describe it’s not enough space to type it here. A lot of times girls do this too because they Have hiv and and no one would have sex with them so lie and said he rape her and gave it to her.
This girl out so many good innocent people away with her sneak meat and greet all for the money and ending her best competition so she can be famous over him. Or he humiliated her when he showed her how evil she was online social media but didn’t see her face so she got her worst coldest revenge and laugh about it so hard when she got a tan looking black dark brown skin girl when she’s was really white skin or light skin. And no one can find the real her anymore.
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