It is basically the fat that collects on your back. fat rolls on your back, another physical signal of the fact that you are getting fat.

ask someone to pinch you in the back, if they manage to pull alot of skin then you probably have back meat.
Girl A: Hey, Shelly can you tie the back of my dress?
Girl B: (SHelly) : Sure, how tight?
Girl A: tight enough for it to hold, but not too tight, i dont want the back meat to show. I can hardly fit on this dress.
by missblue24 March 5, 2007
When you have no ass and your back seems to meet your legs with a slight chunk of meat in the middle
I have no ass but I do have lower back meat or LBM
by mb92211 February 26, 2014
The feeling you have when you've consumed so much meat that your lower back hurts.
"Man, I ate so much tri-tip that I've got a mean case of meat back right now"
by TheyCallMeLeeSus August 17, 2018