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1. Piece of shit, brianwashing, cock sucker who wrecks homes and doesn't mind his own business; 2. Man who doesn't get pussy, so he must make screen names as if he does (e.g. meanpeenus; sirfhuxalott) 3. One who has it coming to him; 4. Someone who spends too much time on the computer
That gut meanbugger sure has it coming to him.
by Guess? November 16, 2004
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1. Piece of shit, home wrecking, cock sucker who doesn't know when to leave; 2. Man who doesn't get ANY pussy, so he needs to make screen names pretending he does. (e.g. - sirfhuxalott; meanpeenis; meanisDan); 3. Someone who Will get what is coming to him
That meanbugger can go fuck himself.
by Guess? November 18, 2004
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