Anorexic spoiled rich mommy’s boy korean kid who has the strength of a 12 year old girl
McplayGT needs to eat more rice so his balls finally drop
by Korean_Prince November 23, 2021
Mcplaygt is a HANDSOME GUY😏 and a big Tik Toker. He makes funny content with his Asian mom and is currently single. Alot of girls are simping over him.
Stranger: Dang who's that guy he cute😏
Girl: He's Mcplaygt but BACK OF HE'S MINE😤😌
by michaeljackson195862 November 23, 2020
hotttt, cute and a high key freak. rideable and lips are meant to be on mine. girls pls back off. it would be nice to sit on his lap and just grind for a bit lolll. anyway he's cute heheheheheheh
have you heard of McPlayGt
good, cause he's all mine
by elzii January 19, 2021
McPlayGT is soooo fineeeee. I had a dream of him one time and it was a dream come true. I wish he was my bf and lived close to me. I want to sit on him, grind and feel him bulge. I want his freaky side to come out and i want him to feel comfy around me. I want to fall asleep on his chest and think about our life together in the future.
Y/N: Have you heard of McPlayGT
Girl: of course he's so fineee
Y/N: stfu he's mine you pig
Girl: Damn
by Mima <3 November 23, 2021
A person who makes tiktoks.
Mcplaygt makes tiktoks.
by Cheeseynutsack69 November 23, 2021