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A friend that is most certainly a keeper. Mckinna's tend to be very smart and do well in anything scholastic. Mckinna's love to help anyone, especially her friends. A good loyal friend for most anyone. Mckinna's are very accepting of others around her and she hates to judge. Mckinna's also tend to love adrenaline so, if you want to have fun, go hang with your friend Mckinna, that is what she is all about! Mckinna's are also very skittish.

Also known as the goddess of the stars, known for her beauty.

Tend to have long, beautiful hair that everyone wants.

May or may not have magical skills, it depends on where she brushes her teeth.
Let's go scare Mckinna!!
Everyone wants to be so Mckinna!
Is that a Mckinna I see? Over there! In the ocean!
Hold on, I need to finish my Mckinna bread
by youknowhoooo February 04, 2010
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