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A sick guy originally from California but now lives in Tennessee. He acts like he knows everything, has extra good balance and runs like a T-Rex. He can usually be seen in his USC outfit which many refer to as his natural fur and has a lot of hairstyles. Usually he has a sick large afro but he has also been known to have a horn,buzzed head,umbrella,medium afro, and rat tail and he can grow a really sick neck beard. He is always smelling extra fine and doesn't know how to bend down without showing his crack. He is really skilled at video games and is a front runner. He thinks he has the best taste in music and likes really pimp games such as rummikub. He also has an extra good taste in food and once cried over a cheeseburger. He has a chode and says lol in like every text lol.
Mckennen is smelling good.
by fred bunch February 07, 2010
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