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Ok, so heres the "Mcdonalds Conspiracy": Mcdonalds and LA fitness are in Cahoots, so, when a person eats a bunch of Big-Macs they feel guilty and get LA Fitness memberships. Then after all their hard work they feel they can "afford" to eat a Big-Mac. Then thats when the addicitions start kicking in. Then you spend late nights pondering why you keep getting fat then you go to the gym again, so, in this sense Miccy D's get LA Fitness customers and Vise-versa.
So you think thats it? NO!! Well, theres a third wheel...IPOD!!! Most people when running on the tred-mill or the just working out listen to their IPODS, and since IPODS are so poorly made the battery life soon decreases bit by bit due to all the usage, then it causes you to buy another IPOD then the same thing happens again until McDonalds, LA Fitness, and IPOD are making more money than any other franchise in this earth thus the reason those are the biggest franschises. Break The Habit
The Mcdonalds Conspiracy is messed up
by Angelo the man November 17, 2006
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