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Simply put the pinnacle of hotness.
The mountain top of babedom so to speak.
Guy 1:
"Oh man you've got to see this girl she's sooooo hot"
Guy 2:
"You mean!?"
Guy 1:
"Yes... she's a Mcbabe!"
Guy 2:
*nose bleed*
by TheAgomeister December 29, 2010
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an ex-grumpy individual who imply's he is a man when quite clearly he's a woman with a fanny like a bucket. the only cock anyone can really see is the one on mcbabe's head which is 3" and is covered by an insane mop. anyone to meet mcbabe is actually a very priveliged person. This description makes mcbabe one of my bestest friends ftw!!
1. Cdt mcbabe became cpl mcbabe because he "ungrumped" himself :)
by :) Katie (: May 18, 2009
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